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Commemorative Kwanzan Cherry Tree Program


All trees are sponsored.



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How to Plant a Bare Root Tree

Events & Projects

The community and YOU play a large part in helping to keep Cedarburg’s Urban Forest healthy. Cedarburg Green offers opportunities for YOU to plant trees, learn about trees, take care of our urban forests, and purchase trees for planting in your own yard.


Cedarburg Green, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to improving the health and livability of Cedarburg by planting and caring for the urban forest. Our main goal is to foster appreciation and support for the Urban Forest of Cedarburg.


An urban forest is comprised of trees and shrubs in front and backyards, along streets, in parks, etc. This includes individual trees, street trees, green spaces with trees, and alike. Here are some links to help you learn how to keep yours and Cedaraburg’s urban forests healthy.

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