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Events & Projects

2023 EVENTS:

Community Tree Planting & Picnic

Mother's Day Weekend - May 13


Selecting the Right Tree for Your Yard seminar

VIDEO RECORDED: Monday, January 23  

CLICK for VIDEO - PART 1: How to Plant a Bare Root Tree

CLICK for VIDEO – PART 2: Tree Features (based on 2023 Bare-Root Tree Order Form)

Trees are a major investment in your property that compounds year after year. Choosing the right tree requires careful thought and proper planning. Using his vast knowledge and practical experimentation growing trees in his own yard, Glenn Herold will offer information on how to select the right trees for your yard including features of the bare-root trees being offered through Cedarburg Green’s Annual Bare-Root Tree Sale.


Glenn Herold, a retired horticulture professor, lives in Cedarburg. He and his wife Terry garden on a one acre urban yard which contains over 1,200 different plants. Glenn’s interests include hostas, conifers, and small maples.


Buckthorn Pulls 

Garlic Mustard Grabs

Neighborhood Tree Plantings

- Prairie View Park (2015)

- Westlawn Woods (2018) - EAB Mitigation & Woodland Restoration

- Willowbrooke Park (2019)

- “Focus on Trees” Citywide Street Tree Planting (2020) 

- Shady Grove planting at Prairie View Park (2021)

- Cedar Pointe (2022) w/Citizen Foresters

Arbor Day Celebrations at Cedarburg Schools

- Westlawn

- Thorson

- Parkview

2020 Focus on Trees

- Value of Trees Tagging

- Trees of Distinction Walk & Booklet

- Benefits of Trees Student Writing & Art Contest

- 2022 Innovations in Urban Forestry Award

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