From Our President

Much of Cedarburg Green’s energy has been applied to organizing volunteers for spring and fall work days in our city’s wooded parks, particularly Beechwood Park and Woodland Park.  While wonderful connections have been made with neighbors and many bags of Garlic Mustard and piles of Buckthorn have been removed, we’ve also recognized the limitations of these efforts and the often unrealized potential of our non-profit, 501(c)3 status.  In 2016 we began exploring the power of grants in accomplishing our goals as friends of the community forest.

The most significant example is through our support of Cedarburg’s Department of Forestry in receiving a Wisconsin DNR Urban Forestry grant with matching funds from the city to contract with Eco-Resource Consulting, Inc. to conduct a large-scale removal of dying Ash trees affected by the Emerald Ash Borer and an invasive Buckthorn understory in the city-owned portion of Westlawn Woods.  ERC will also manage herbicide treatments and the planting of a cover crop to compete with succeeding generations of invasive plants.  Special thanks are due to Cedarburg’s Forester Kevin Westphal for his initiative in this ambitious project!

Cedarburg Green will use its non-profit status to apply for grants to purchase and plant trees to begin re-foresting this beloved “neighbor-woods” in our community.  If successful, this could provide a template for future projects in other city-owned woodlots.

Another goal for the coming year is the recruiting of new members for our board.  If you love trees and are interested in helping plant and preserve them for a healthy and vibrant community, we would love to connect with you!  Feel free to visit a board meeting or join us for a project to learn more.  Thank you to all who have donated time or funding to this important work!


The mission of Cedarburg Green, Inc. is to:

  • Foster appreciation and support for Community Forestry for the benefit of Cedarburg residents and visitors
  • Beautify our public streets, boulevards, and parks
  • Promote sustainable environmental stewardship and landscape management practices
  • Raise and distribute private funds for the planting, care and maintenance of public trees and for other projects aligned with our goals and objectives.


The community plays a large part in helping to keep our neighborwoods healthy. Cedarburg Green encourages you to adopt the trees in your neighborhood. Volunteers are invited to contact Cedarburg Green to learn how to manage the natural areas near their homes. As well, neighbors are encouraged to join with others to explore and care for the trees and natural spaces in Cedarburg. Events include:
Trees of Distinction (Walking Tour throughout Cedarburg)
Annual Garlic Mustard Grab – Earth Day
Annual Arbor Day Tree Planting at a local school
Buckthorn Pull
Neighborwood Plantings
Grant Writing for various project

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